Company Profile

“Your best connection”

XBK-KABEL is a medium-sized German company with around 200 employees, creating top-quality products since 1926.

We produce cables and wires of all kinds for regional and international use at our two sites in Rottweil.

In order to live up to our own high standards as a reliable and flexible partner to trade and industry, we carry out our entire production process, from copper via plastic to the finished cable, using our own equipment.



XBK-KABEL celebrates its 90th anniversary

Since 90 years your best connection

Continuing to expand the production capacity

The production capacity at the Berner Feld site has been increased

Restructuring of the company administration

The company administration in Rottweil is restructured and extended.

Increased production capacity

XBK-KABEL increases its production capacity still further. The logistics centre is extended to house production premises for halogen-free wires.

New logistics centre

The new logistics centre at the “Berner Feld” industrial estate is opened.

Increased production capacity

XBK-KABEL increases its production capacity still further. The logistics centre is extended to house production premises for halogen-free wires.

United Kingdom

XBK-KABEL opens a sales office in the UK.

New directorship

Under new directorship, XBK-KABEL’s capacities are modernised and extended, particularly for wire-drawing. Plastics processing is automated and daily capacity increased.

Strategic reorganisation

A strategic reorganisation is required. Consequently, the production site in St. Georgen is sold. The Rottweil factory is taken over by the Wilms Group.

Xaver Bechtold dies

Xaver Bechtold dies in May 1988, and the company drifted into troubled waters.

500 staff members

Staff numbers across the two factories reach 500!

Company's own brass band

The company’s own brass band is born, with several performances following.

Further factory

In St. Georgen, a further factory is opened, to house cable and connector production. The production of cables and wires stays in Rottweil.

Extrusion plant

Production capacity is increased, thanks to the company’s own PVC granulation extrusion plant.

Xaver Bechtold KG

Xaver Bechtold takes over the company premises of a weaving mill in Rottweil-Bühlingen and now starts operations as Xaver Bechtold KG.

Manufactured connection cables

The production programme is extended to include manufactured connection cables. The company also invests in its own wire-drawing machinery to produce wires and braids.

Marshall Plan

The Marshall Plan is taking effect and Germany becomes the land of the economic miracle. Xaver Bechtold goes with the times, investing and starting production of automotive cable, with a team of 14.

Larger business premises

Xaver Bechtold acquires larger business premises in Hölderstraße, Rottweil.

Demand for manufactured bicycle cable

Due to a legal requirement which makes the use of rear lights on bicycles compulsory, demand for manufactured bicycle cable takes off massively.

After World War II

Business starts up again after World War II. The production of bicycle tyres begins. At the same time, the production and sales of bicycles under the brand names of “REFAX” and “BECHTOLD” begins.

Material-saving bicycle cable

Xaver Bechtold develops a bicycle cable which saves material and registers a patent for his invention. Shortly afterwards, he starts to manufacture lighting cables for bicycles. To start with, most of the work is done in people’s living rooms, with up to 40 homeworkers employed.

The beginning

Company founder Xaver Bechtold sets up his own minor mechanical repairs and bicycle repairs business in Rottweil.